Liberty Music: Gary Lucas of Captain Beefheart


On this episode of Liberty Music, I spoke to well regarded musician Gary Lucas of Captain Beefheart fame.


We talked about early record stores when he began to dig music, the amazing backstory for how he came to be a part of Captain Beefheart, his latest project "The World of Captain Beefheart featuring Nona Hendryx and Gary Lucas", a variety of guitar techniques, Gary's guitar rig, and so much more!

Liberty Music: Dan Kaufman of Barbez talks Spanish Civil War, Recording Music, and Journalism


Great conversation with Dan on a myriad of topics including the spanish civil war, fascist ideologies, playing with bands like MC5 and Godspeed You Black Emperor, etc. Here are some rough notes on what we covered and what you can expect in this awesome talk!



-The Clash, Bad Brains, Black Flag, local bands like Die Kreuzen.....Early influences
-Playing with MC5.....MC3 when they played with them.....Wayne Kramer love.......
-Madison, Wisconsin.......Paradise Records was the big spot.......Him an his buddy Tony bought a record a week. One would tape each record and gave the tape to the other....
-Club......Ok's Corral was the key local venue but burn down years back.......All ages shows at neighborhood centre......The Wilmar..........larger shows at Turner Hall 
-Black Flag and Minutemen played at Turner Hall.....Husker Du and Sonic Youth at the Wilmar
-Politically charged elements.....Fascist ideologies.......Cathartic to put out last record.....
-Spanish Civil War.....Conflict, music of it, and people who fought in it 
-Started this project a year ago.....Songs and the message of this is timeless......
-The decline of internationalism........International response during the Spanish Civil War.....People volunteered and chose to help on their own volition.....Risking their lives....
-Special songs that grew on those involved with this album
-Journalist as well.........Hung out with the last Lincoln Brigade survivor (reference notes).......
-Weaving in other interests to his music
-New York Times, New York Observer, etc.......Journalism experience
-Lots of storytelling.......Sort of a live record......
-Martin Bisi has done all Barbez records and it was mixed in a hybrid way (kind of live and kind of done in studio)
-Martin described as the fifth beatle for Barbez
-Working on a separate project John and Dan with Martin recording
-Also, working on a book about Wisconsin politics
-Expensive liner notes.....comprehensive effort......Adam Hochschild written about  the Spanish Civil War (Spain in our Hearts)
-Played with Godspeed, You Black Emperor (played on the first Godspeed tour with them) and other groups that are somewhat similar sonically......Played with Swans too
-People are definitely digging vinyl......Important Records put out the latest album and suggested vinyl releases. Dan loves vinyl but it wasn't an audiophile decision. It was more of a means to appease where public demand is at. 

Bowks Talking Bouts #37: Chris DeJoseph on Lucha Underground returning for Season 4


Great talk w/ tenured WWE writer and co-executive producer for Lucha Underground, Chris DeJoseph.


SPOILERS AHEAD......What the pre-production processes currently look like for Lucha Underground's fourth season, if monetary issues will change the presentation of the product, Johnny Mundo's involvement with LU, the relationship with AAA going forward, the current landscape being similar to the territory days for talent, the Sexy Star situation, what lies ahead for Dario Cueto, nervousness about whether or not they would be able to continue the story into a fourth season, getting beyond the 100 episode mark, having a 4DX theatrical screening of Lucha which created a gripping sensory experience, Mordecai wanting to participate in Lucha Underground, LU's ability to create strong characters and engaging narratives for everyone on their cards, if the Netflix deal has panned out as LU expected, and more!

Liberty Music: Paul Lacques of Double Naught Spy Car


Great interview with an incredible musician. Here are some rough notes from the conversation to give an idea of what we talked about. 




-Fifth release.....Record that day, arrange more complex racks and cut the next day......Overdubs from Nels Cline. 

-Fast sessions, spontaneous with good chemistry.....
-Mike Watt feature......Well known stars but are friends to the band.....Shoot hoops, play, good rapport
-Outsiders to mainstream pop approach; players brought in for latest album
-Band's bassist mixed and engineered project.....Project is like recording with family. Studio was at Mark's place and the vibe was much more chill.....Home grown approach
-Intertwined scene.......Musical tribes in the L.A scene...........
-Making people nervous since 1994........Strong themes/ melodies within racks with avant garde, left turns all throughout......
-Between three and ten approaches for creating new songs......Skeletal guitar parts can be brought in and that can be the tune. Other stuff, jamming will occur and some cool melody will materialize.....Musical improv......
-Strong personalities coming together in crafting tracks.....Love for country/ bluegrass players......Self taught but everyone else in the band had a certain amount of lessons/ imparted technical know how
-Had to learn various international flavoured rudiments w/ his prior group........
-Soundtrack work beforehand.......Major seventh over minor chords.....Chromaticism is something Paul digs
-You don't over think things with sound tracks. This is tied to one's own ego being removed from it......There's no element of "is the band repeating themselves?" w/ arranging a soundtrack to someone else
-Alt country outfit on the side eco stuff, social criticisms, etc.....Expression through lyrics which isn't available in the all instrumental ......Spy Car
-Fidlar guitarist Elvis played on new record.....
-Paul is a self described lazy listener.......Often finds new bands through playing with younger gigs
-Echo Park sound........Came together in the 90's.....Right in the Echo Park neighbourhood......Silverlake scene was key too
-Didn't seem like a defined scene at the time but looking back, there undeniably was a scene and certain approach
-Everyone going for something new.....A scene of brands under an umbrella but no one was derivative of anyone else in the scene......No stifling of creativity.....Experimental mindset. 
-Formative years.........Delta blues influences, bluegrass, etc
-Key venues/ record stores as a youth......Gigging in the 70's......Pizza PArlours playing......On the road with a country cover band for a few years.......Eventually the local LA club scene blew up
-New Wave, roots bands, etc all started popping up.....Thrift stores became popular and many coming to gigs created a vibrant live scene....... Around 79 or 80 this boom happened.
-Very DIY scene...........L.A underground reflected a myriad of influences......Some just starting instruments, some trained musicians "sneaking" into the scene.......It was almost cool to be a noob. 
-Playing with Bo Diddley.......Played with Bo while in a band called The Bone Daddies.......Played as Bo's back up band.......Rehearsed the Bo Diddley chunk chunk beat for a few minutes, "Bo don't play that shit anymore" from Bo's bodyguard o the guitarists.........Bo is very experimental......No hits for Bo......Lead the band with these swampy, improv jams
-Bo wanted Paul to play lead......"But you're Bo Diddley!"......Bo signed Paul's metronome.....Coolest guy
-Afternoon of weapons training w/ Paul Kickstarter feature.........Not being derivative........Don't reproduce yourself.....Searching for that next thing 
-"Spared mass fame and fortune"......Not being skewered by Rolling Stone, no beef with other musicians, etc.....Relative obscurity has shielded band from insecurities of being a mass reviewed band......The trap of the good review.......Praise for a certain sound= repeat that sound for more praise......That can create a quandary as artists who want to feel good but also want to create boundaries and push new things.....
-Researcher for The History Channel.....Actuality Productions.........Interesting interviews with people (details in prep notes)
-"Can't predict what will make you a better artist".......If something bad happen, you can make it so that it's supposed to happen
-Remaining open can get harder as you get older.......Focus can get narrowed, defining one's self for protection purposes......Constant goal to not be tethered to that.....Stay open 
-"Try to maintain sanity in a world that is clearly insane right now"




Bowks Talking Bouts #36: Saad Awad


I had KOTC, Strikeforce, and Bellator veteran Saad Awad on the show and we talked about a few intriguing topics. 



Thoughts on his Bellator 186 opponent Zach Freeman [intro and at 3:49], why he took so many catchweight fights in recent years (1:38), the desire to add new weight classes going forward [ie/ 165lbs] (2:37), where he sees his career going after Bellator 186 (4:50), being super close to getting a title shot all throughout his Bellator tenure (5:56), comments on Bellator's growth having been with the organization since Bellator 10 (6:46), Bellator's ability to differentiate their product and how well Scott Coker treats the martial artists (7:51), debuting at a fugazi tournament in Costa Rica that had Bloodsport vibes (8:54), hitting up a Tim and Faith concert (11:48), the music Saad likes to train to (12:47), and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #35: Zach Freeman


I spoke with RFA title challenger and Bellator fighter Zach Freeman ahead of Bellator 186. We got into a number of cool topics. 


Feeling the love from the promotion this time out, training with a relative of the legendary Cassius Clay (1:13), MMA being a team sport if you're a top level fighter (1:51), thoughts on his Bellator 186 opponent Saad Awad (2:21), how Freeman sees himself as being the A side of this fight and he speaks to the feeling of a role reversal from the Pico fight (2:52), how life was crazy for about two weeks after his big win in Madison Square Garden on pay per view (4:08)........


What new elements Zach has added to his wheelhouse of techniques with this camp (4:52), the comparisons Freeman gets to Patrick Bateman from American Psycho (5:45), having his struggles documented in a book recently and his perceptions on the roller coaster dynamic of life (6:29), his hope to one day be a motivational speaker (7:47), coaching Nick Turnbo who deals with cerebral palsy (8:09), how some people can get brainwashed into thinking that they cannot achieve certain goals (9:13), dealing with Contact Dermatitis which has taken Marian Hossa out for the Chicago Blackhawks' season (11:28), jokingly comparing his struggles to Randy from Trailer Park Boys(12:47), how the rare skin condition almost resulted in his Pico fight being pulled (13:33).....


Mutually appreciating Trailer Park Boys (15:08), his full time job with Working Spaces doing high profile glass installations for office buildings (17:11), future goals in Bellator's shark tank of a lightweight division (18:38), his unique reasoning for why he no longer trains while listening to music (19:55), Reactor Watches not following through on their obligations to Zach as his sponsor (22:32), and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #34 : Matt Secor


I caught up with WSOF, TUF 16, and Bellator competitor Matt Secor ahead of his big fight at Bellator 186. We discussed quite a few interesting things.


His thoughts on his opponent Logan Storley at Bellator 186, competing in an actual weight division instead of taking a catchweight bout this time (1:10), whether his big stage experience will give him the mental edge in this fight (1:45), Josh Koscheck and Josh Neer fights falling through in the past (2:41), the important life lessons that jiu jitsu can impart on people and how jiu jitsu saved his life (3:26), taking away the frivilous considerations on fight day and elarnign to focus more on the task at hand (4:41), learning under the Gracie Barra lineage (5:33), breaking his hand on the first punch in his hugely contentious split decision loss to Michael Hill (6:39), the positive takeaways from his time on the Ultimate Fighter (7:19), and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #33: Tywan Claxton


I spoke with highly regarded prospect Tywan Claxton who's making his pro debut at Bellator 186. We discussed quite a few things.


Tywan seeing his upcoming opponent as a stepping stone fight, how mma went from an "amateur wrestling escape" to being his main focus in life  (2:35), his main training partners in this camp being guys like Abel Trujillo, Pat Cummins, etc (3:42), how he could never make the Bantamweight limit unless he "cuts off his third leg"(4:50), what music Tywan trains to (5:35), maintaining his savageness on social media (6:59), understanding the need to entertain and have your personality stand out as a prizefighter (7:53), his desire to get an Aaron Pico fight in the future and how he would take that fight after a day of heavy drinking (8:28), the benefits of an amateur mma career and how the learning curve informed his efforts as he enters the pro ranks (9:26), the desire to fight Zach Freeman who also competes on Bellator 186 (11:08), "If we were in a bar and I was drinking and he smacked a beer out of my hand. I would not ask him how many fights he had before I hit him" (11:49), looking for some pretty ladies to slide into his DMs after his pro win (12:31), and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #32: Logan Storley


I spoke with undefeated Bellator Welterweight Logan Storley ahead of his Bellator 186 fight with Matt Secor. We discussed quiote a few topics. 


How he got his nickname "Storm", mindset going into his second Bellator bout (1:14), thoughts on his opponent Matt Secor (3:10), learning from Henri Hooft and Greg Jones (4:28), how Robbie Lawler is his main training partner (4:52), his decorated high school and NCAA Division I honors in college (5:16), getting advice from Brock Lesnar [had the same high school wrestling coach and was a Gopher at the University of Minnesota] (6:29), his goals going forward in Bellator's stacked 170 lb division (7:51), and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #31: Ana Julaton


I spoke with Bellator fighter and multi-time Boxing world champion Ana Julaton who was appreciative that I pronounced her name correctly.


We discussed why she made her return to mma after a bit of a hiatus, the benefits of Bellator offering deals where fighters may concurrently compete in boxing and MMA (3:06), the learning curve of starting from scratch as a wrestler after winning world titles in boxing (3:37), creating fluidity between dsciplines [ie/ shifting from a boxing approach to a wrestling attack on the fly] (6:08), the benefits of having a decorated amateur career as she entered the pro ranks (8:06), thoughts on her upcoming fight at Bellator 185 against Lisa Blaine (11:33), 2017 marking a new era for boxing (14:55), writing an essay in fifth grade about her favorite taekwondo kata (17:10), goals that she has mapped out beyond getting the Heather Hardy fight (18:04), attending the TUF 26 tryouts (18:52), and more!

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