Jared Scoggins talks Josh Hill, Bellator 272, and bantamweight gold pursuits


Jared Scoggins tests skills against Josh Hill at Bellator 272. This bantamweight bout emanates from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, and broadcasts on Showtime.

I spoke with Scoggins ahead of this bout and we covered several subjects such as: -Multiple cancellations in targeted Bellator debut efforts

-If there's any significance of there being no Instagram posts since the last cancellation in July

-The history at Revolution MMA with names like Sara McMann and the current training arrangement 

-Family member Justin Scoggins being such an asset on a multitude of levels 

-The moment of capturing the CFFC bantamweight title

-Having a couple of years between his last pair of contested fights and how it felt returning to the cage 

-Fighting a ranked Bellator bantamweight his debut bout with the company

-The main stylistic proclivities of Josh Hill as Scoggins has observed

Jared Revel discusses middleweight title bid at LFA 119


Jared Revel tests skills with Josh Silveira for the vacant LFA middleweight championship.

This goes down at LFA 119 on Friday, December 3rd. The event goes down at Arizona Federal Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, and broadcasts on UFC Fight Pass.

I spoke with Revel ahead of this title bid and we touched on several subjects such as: -recent efforts working in Arizona over at Fight Ready 

-Honing skills both mentally and physically with Eryk Anders and a myriad of others

-Thoughts on if winning the LFA belt on UFC Fight Pass provides that ticket to the UFC

-Beating a 14 fight UFC veteran in Sergio Moraes and thoughts on the Taura MMA 10 win overall

-Being a bit competitively dormant since his last bout

-Overall thoughts on LFA 119 opponent Josh Silveira

-Silveira last winning the LFA light heavyweight title and trying to capture middleweight gold now

-Reaching a milestone of being a decade clean and how much that meant

-The importance of Pistol Pete and the recent jiu-jitsu work that has gone on

Buchecha discusses Kang Ji Won clash at ONE: Winter Warriors


Marcus Buchecha Almeida tests skills against Kang Ji Won on December 3rd at ONE: Winter Warriors. This high-stakes heavyweight bout goes down at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

I spoke with Buchecha ahead of this contest and we touched on several subjects such as: -Having his druthers in getting a quick bout turnaround for early December in the Circle

-The assessment of his debut MMA performance overall

-Buchecha's first time utilizing strikes in a competitive combat context

-Some of the adjustments in training to prepare for fighting under the global ruleset

-His avid training partner being Antonio Carlos Jr and Shoeface's recent PFL championship win

-The feelings competing on cards with fellow Evolve MMA fighters like Christian Lee last time. As he readies to share a space on this upcoming event with Ritu Phogat

-Work at American Top Team with some heavyweight bodies like Marcelo Golm

-Being on many magazine covers as a jiu-jitsu player and his recent first magazine cover as an MMA fighter

-If there was ever compounded pressure or big expectations coming in from BJJ into MMA

-Buchecha usurping Roger Gracie's Guinness record and if Almeida has ever picked the former ONE Championship titleholder's brain on nuances within the jiu-jitsu to mixed martial arts crossover

-Thoughts on the main stylistic proclivities of upcoming opponent Kang Ji Won

-The Kang Ji Won bout being previously canceled and if there's any game-planning utility to that rescheduling

-If this upcoming contest with Kang Ji Won could be a title eliminator

-Thoughts on American Top Team being so featured on AEW and the idea of getting into pro wrestling himself

Austin Russell talks Gio Platon fight at BFL 70


Austin Russell tests skills against Gio Platon at BFL 70. This bantamweight bout transpires on December 3rd from BMO Theatre Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I spoke with Russell ahead of this fight and we touched on several subjects such as: -The relatively quick turnaround between fights and if there are benefits in that

-A certain sense of wanting to capitalize on what's available right now with prior pandemic cancellations

-Previously returning to action from a dormant period of close to two years between fights

-Adopting the martial arts as a lifestyle kind of ethos

-Previous efforts training with guys like Justin Gaethje and Urijah Faber

-How Russell's coaching endeavors have informed his overall technique as a martial artist

-Honing skills at places like Champions Creed MMA and the Western Canada scene

-What Russell's day job is

-Previous Muay Thai action and how competition in singular disciplines informs the overall MMA game

-The overall assessment of his winning performance at BFL 69

-If being on UFC Fight Pass is a consequential thing for Austin Russell at all

-If this BFL 70 co-main event is serving as a title eliminator for the main event bantamweight title fight

-Thoughts on the main stylistic proclivities of upcoming opponent Gio Platon

-First seeing Russell compete at XFFC 17 in March 2018

-The music that Austin Russell trains to

Stamp Fairtex discusses Ritu Phogat Atomweight Grand Prix finals bout


Stamp Fairtex tests skills against Ritu Phogat in the finals of the ONE Atomweight Grand Prix. The culmination of this massive global tournament takes place on December 3rd from Singapore Indoor Stadium.

I spoke with Stamp ahead of this high-stakes clash to crown a tournament champ and a number one contender for the returning Angela Lee. We touched on several subjects such as: -If this is the biggest fight of Stamp's combat career overall

-Thoughts on the broader overall tournament effort across her two victories in the Atomweight Grand Prix

-Stamp's ever-improving grappling and training partners who've fostered growth on a seemingly fight to fight basis

-The GP finals offering up a quick turnaround from her October 29th semi-final fight

-Managing the range and thoughtful monitoring of distance being key factors in this fight with Ritu

-Stamp's thoughts on Ritu's broader overall tournament run and how she assesses Phogat's pair of tournament wins

-Stamp's quest centered on holding a third championship across a third different combat discipline after capturing Muay Thai and kickboxing gold in the promotion

-Stamp seeing Angela Lee as an idol and thoughts on fighting Lee for the belt should she win this GP

-Being involved in Muay Thai since she was five years old and when MMA really captured her attentions

-The importance of performance in pugilism through the lens of the Stamp dance

-Initially thinking she'd fight Itsuki Hirata in the finals and if Stamp sees that Hirata bout invariably happening

-Stamp feeling that Bi Nguyen provided a blueprint in how to best Ritu Phogat

Jake Lindsey on BKFC Wichita win and MMA return in December


Jake Lindsey notches a third-round TKO victory in his bare-knuckle boxing debut over Eric Thompson at BKFC: Wichita. This transpired on October 23rd at Hartman Arena in Wichita, Kansas.

I spoke with Lindsey after this BKFC debut and also got specifics on an MMA return timeline. We covered several subjects such as: -Fighting in a few different martial arts and if more BKFC competition is in the cards

-Multiple bout cancellations with Chance Rencountre taking place and this upcoming December MMA fight offering a chance to close that book

-Feeling his best on a multitude of levels and what has gone into such a comprehensive enjoyable lifestyle

-Lindsey's girlfriend fighting recently and the behind the scenes dynamics with all of that

-The strong rapport with many at Combative Sports Center 

-Fellow BKFC Wichita warrior David Rickels also playing a key role in this bout preparation

-The current business endeavors of Jake Lindsey

-Cryptocurrency, day trading, mining, and analyzing ever-shifting markets

-Lindsey's appreciation for extreme metal and his desire to get reacquainted with listening to music in general

-Lindsey inviting me to party with a dozen girls at the hotel when we first met and how my videographer buddy got flak from his girlfriend for it

Tsuyoshi Sudario on Rizin 31 win and focus on a 2021 NYE bout


Tsuyoshi Sudario finished Lawdlain Saint Ilme with a resounding left hook in the first round of their Rizin 31 contest. This main card heavyweight affair transpired at Pia Arena MM in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan on October 24th.

I spoke with Tsuyoshi Sudario after this emphatic win. We touched on several subjects such as: -Belated congratulations on his summer wedding and his adorable ring dog Bambi

-When Sudario began taking his MMA training to the United States

-The lessons learned from his Shoma Shibisai bout; the first time tasting a loss as a professional MMA fighter

-The satisfaction of his ardent training around footwork and gauging distance paying off in such highlight reel fashion in his last performance

-Working at Xtreme Couture with guys like Ray Sefo, Francis Ngannnou, and Tim Johnson. Plus, that space being the premier heavyweight gym on the planet 

-The importance of being coachable and fluid adaptation as an MMA fighter attribute

-If Rizin has the most comprehensive, multifaceted ruleset on the planet for mixed martial arts

-If there is a focus to get a spot on that New Year's Eve card

Lito Adiwang discusses Jarred Brooks bout at ONE: Next Gen III


Lito Adiwang tests skills against Jarred Brooks in the main event of ONE: Next Gen III. This bout transpires at Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday, November 26th. 

I spoke with Adiwang ahead of this contest. We delved into several subjects such as: -The fight being originally scheduled for April and this bout finally coming to fruition

-His fight with Hexigetu Hexi was canceled and transpired later on in the year. If there's a certain level of benefit to getting to game plan more with canceled contests that eventually get re-booked

-Who Adiwang is working with at Team Lakay for this upcoming Brooks fight

-Brooks saying previously that Team Lakay has a lack of wrestling based training partners you could work with and who Adiwang has gotten in that sort of grappling work with

-Working with Joshua Pacio and both those guys being ranked within the top five

-Manny Pacquiao being a big influence and how Adiwang feels now inspiring people out there

-The feelings associated with being the ONE: Next Gen III main event contest

-ONE Championship's strawweight class being in a healthy vibrant place 

-What Adiwang's ideal special rules bout would be ala DJ vs Rodtang

-The overall thoughts on Jared Brooks, some of the wrestling stylings, and what he brings to the table as a fighter 

-What Lito Adiwang does to decompress from training and unwind

Rena Kubota on Miyuu Yamamoto rematch at Rizin 32


Rena Kubota and Miyuu Yamamoto tests skills in a rematch. The sequel bout transpires in the main event of Rizin 32 on November 20th. This prizefight goes down at Okinawa Arena in Okinawa, Japan.

Rena came on this episode of Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss: -The hiatus from competition and the excitement with returning to the ring

-The reasoning behind the competitive dormancy

-When the Miyuu Yamamoto rematch popped up on Rena's radar

-If Rena or Rizin overall is looking at this Rizin 32 bout as a title eliminator at super atomweight

-If a return to Bellator MMA is in the cards for Rena Kubota in the future

-Rena-Yamamoto I in September 2016 being at such an early point in their respective development and the key differences between each leading into the second showdown

-Rena's competitive plans being amended after a previous article stated that she had two or three more fights left

-Seo Hee Ham leaving for ONE Championship and possibly running back their Shoot Boxing series in an MMA context

-Rena's desire for a third Kanna Asakura bout and wanting her first win in an 0-2 series for her so far

-Andy Souwer being a huge influence on her combative career and her thoughts on Souwer's recent retirement

Ariel Zuniga on BC 13, ten grand bantamweight tournament, and more


Ariel Zuniga tests skills against Harley King at BTC 13: Power. This is part of the $10,000 bantamweight tournament and transpires on Saturday, November 20th live from Meridian Centre in St Catharines, Ontario. 

Zuniga came on Bowks Talking Bouts once again to cover several subjects: -His last MMA bout happening pre-pandemic and the excitement with returning

-The shift in his training methodologies and working with Joseph Valtellini prior to BTC 13

-A deeper understanding of all aspects of the sport like dieting, strength and conditioning, etc

-Competing in the Niagara region for his last bout and returning to fight in the region on the 20th

-The lessons that were imparted from that previous prizefight against Teshay Gouthro

-Gouthro and Zuniga competing in their respective fights this Saturday

-Being a part of this $10,000 bantamweight tournament 

-How much of a gamechanger that tournaments like this can be for prospective MMA combatants

-If there is a tape studying methodology for this Harley King fight

-The main partners ahead of this third professional MMA contest

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