Bowks Talking Bouts/ Liberty Music Co-Feature: Rob Duckworth


For this episode of Bowks Talking Bouts, I spoke to elite camera man/ film maverick/ swag wizard Rob Duckworth. We talked about Bad Rap on Netflix and Bodied at TIFF, the competitive openess to battle rap, Rob bodying a battle rapper at a house party, the freestyles myself and Rob have dropped over the years, B Man's rap career, my desire to partake in a battle, the GGG/ Canelo controversy, Canelo looking like our old roommate Joel, All the personalities that Joel looks like, If Canelo can become the next top level draw for this generation of boxing, the MayMac ring girls that didn't blink while standing next to Floyd in the post-fight interview, what McGregor meant by saying he made Floyd fight like a mexican, Conor's fighting future, GSP and Conor being the kind of stars that draw in big groups, GSP's upcoming fight with Bisping, the discussions around brain damage in physical sports, New Vampire Weekend projects both solo and with the full band, Vampire Weekend planning to do lengthier versions of their tunes live ala Grateful Dead, missing out on seeing METZ at a Weezer/ Passion Pit show, Action Bronsons' new mixtape, Action's Ancient Aliens show and how similar it was to our college group hangouts, Rob calls out Sam Roberts at No Mercy, and so much more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #25: Chris Honeycutt


On the latest BTB, I spoke with Bellator middleweight and welterweight competitor Chris Honeycutt. We covered quite a few topics:


Thoughts on his Bellator 182 bout at 185lbs with Kevin Casey, the mma learning curve after being a lifelong wrestler (3:45), working with guys like Koscheck, Cain, DC, and Rockhold (5:46)....



Turning in his best performances in intense pressure situations (8:01), bellator's grooming process of elite wrestlers turning into blue chip mma prospects ie, Ruth, fortune, etc (8:47), thoughts on bellator's middleweight division (11:13), trying to get a fight in Japan and the quandary of soccer kicking someone with wrestling shoes (13:31).......


Having playlists set at a certain bpm depending on what exercise he's doing at that moment (15:25), being announced for that one night Battleground tournament and why the performance didn't end up happening (17:36), and more! 

Bowks Talking Bouts #24: Henry Corrales


I spoke to Bellator featherweight competitor and former KOTC champion Henry Corrales.


We talked about his upcoming fight with Noad Lahat, respecting Noad's judo and jiu jitsu acumen heading into their Bellator 182 fight, thoughts on a rematch with Emmanuel Sanchez (1:45), breaking from his three fight losing skid recently to get his first Bellator W (2:44), shouting out James lynch as I ask him about his self described YouTube/ bro science diet (4:23), working at mma lab with benson Henderson and the tight knit community of training partners there (5:30), a possible AJ McKee fight after their prior match up was scrapped (8:12), how martial arts got him out of a hectic street fight-heavy lifestyle (9:44), using reading and cryotherapy to optimize performance (11:22), both of us getting fired up for Jedi Mind Tricks (12:17), I do a mediocre Vinnie Paz impression (13:24), if he is excited or hesitatant to compete in New York (13:40), and more. 

Bowks Taking Bouts #23: Georgi Karakhanyan


I spoke with Bellator featherweight Georgi Karakhanyan and we got into quite a few topics: 



His fight with Daniel Pineda at Bellator 182, thoughts on his last fight (1:50), where he sees himself in the Bellator featherweight picture (3:13), thinking James Gallagher is a chump (3:47), not having much love for mma presentation in 2017 ie/ him being on the Bellator 182 prelims and Dillon Danis being a clown (4:16),




excitement vs apprehension about competing in New York (5:45), time as a top level soccer player since he was a boy (6:50), seeing Bellator's tremendous growth since being with them during the tournament days (7:15), wanting to fight in Japan again (7:55), thoughts on May mac as someone with pro boxing experience/ has sparred with GGG (9:22),




working with Perfecting Athletes and being vegetarian (10:39), the benefits of cannabis.....CBD and THC....appearing on smoke box with B Real (11:42), being at a Metallica show after hanging out and burning with Deftones (13:05), and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #22: Dunsh


In the latest BTB episode, I spoke with battle rapper Dunsh about quite a few topics:




-First exposure to hip hop (0:44)

-First exposure to battle rap (2:26)

-Getting introduced to Lexx Luthor at his tryout battle.....Big shouts to Lexx (3:24)

-The alternative, smaller room vibe of I Battle (4:08)

-How the venue/ crowd set up affects performance (5:05)

-Attending law school in Brooklyn and how it makes him appreciate the creative outlet battle rap provides (7:22)

-Treading the line between putting in your best effort and not being a weird try hard in battle rap (9:11)

-Goals for the next battle.....Illmac? Compliment battle with Carter Deems? (10:52)

-Illmac and Chase Moore making unsavory comments about Lexx Luthor and I Battle (11:58)

-Fan of Ruin Your Day......Regular viewer watching in most live streams.......The Watch episode with him and Farrell's battle (13:24)

-Big respect for Eddy I and goofing around on Talkback with Saynt (15:54)

-Talkback silliness and how Dunsh should delete Facebook off his phone (17:53)

-Potential plans for a two on two (18:31)

-Dunsh's odd writing process (19:27)

-Love for Norm MacDonald, comedy in general, and how it informs his writing approach (20:46)

-Being inspired by things outside battling more so than battle rap (25:06)

-Not feeling the comedy of Anthony Jeselnik despite Farrell's recommendation (26:00)

-Writing his angles.....The story behind writing the mole angle on Minnix......(27:36)

-The benefits of being hyper critical and not being able to watch older material (29:41)

-Being a casual fight fan (31:48)

-Dunsh's dad being friends with DDP and Bam Bam Bigelow.......DDP telling an 11 year old Dunsh that he pisses blood every morning (34:01)

-If there's any plans for a mix tape or some sort of future release (36:19)

-Being the only person on the planet who's ambivalent about Tim and Eric......Bedtime Stories being great........digs their darker material......The smug, elitist vibes Tim has given off lately (37:34)

Bowks Talking Bouts #21: Darren Metselaar


I spoke with Vice Chairman at Grande Prairie Combative Sports Commission and veteran Manitoba wrestler under the pseudonym Steve Stryker, Darren Metselaar! We discussed XFFC 15 and G1 Climax 27 primarily and it was a blast. 


(1:10) the winner take all fight that Darren almost didn't let go forward, (2:06) the amateur mma scene in Canada, (5:00) the considerations of putting on alberta's first outdoor mma show, (7:14) The pro wrestling in Darren's formative years and his love for Japanese wrestling later on, 
(8:24) why strong style doesn't come across as well to North American audiences,
(9:30) Winnipeg connection to Kenny and worked with him early when Kenny Omega had a surfer dude gimmick, (10:40) thoughts on Okada and Omega's matches past as well as future, (12:19) thoughts on Kenny's controversial Toru Yano match, (13:06) differences between Japanese fans and North American fans, (14:01) modern North American fans being ridiculous with chants, (17:03) Kenny's Yano match showing that he can work the fluid Japanese style and adapt to comedy heavy stylings if needed, (19:06) michael Elgin's efforts this year and how I saw him wrestle regularly in Oshawa in 2006,
(20:14) G1 being the toughest stretch of pro wrestling anywhere on the planet, (21:21) Tanahashi vs Ibushi being excellent with both the storytelling and the in ring,  (23:46) why Cody Rhodes should be in the tournament this year, (26:39) seeing big things for juice robinson going ahead, (28:04) the importance of a talent leaving a given promotion to later return with renewed fan interest, (29:02) dusty rhodes' indelible mark on the business, (33:25) predicting the first ever all gaijin final of a G1, (36:33) Don Callis doing commentary for njpw and the strong connection Darren has with him through the Winnipeg scene, and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #20: B Man


On this week's episode I have the rare boy B Man on to break down the full WWE Battleground 2017 card.


B Man also calls out Sam Roberts for a match at Summerslam and does not hold back in his promo.


Check it out!

Bowks Talking Bouts #19: Mike P


I caught up with battle rapper Mike P after the I-Battle event featuring Goodz vs Jeffrey. 

I asked if he has any future plans to compete with I-Battle TV again, what Mike's first exposure to hip hop was (2:17), first time seeing battle rap and when he decided to battle himself (3:17), what his next battle will be (5:08), writing bars at work and his general prep process for prepping bars (6:39), how Mike went about crafting his multi-layered approach for battle rap (9:10)....
how the street fighter scheme came about from the inception to when it was performed [almost didn't perform that scheme because he wasn't sure it would hit] (11:37), The battle with Twork and when it will drop (13:29), using social media presence to optimize your stance as a battle rapper (14:36), his uncanny Vegeta impression and how he used that Vegeta voice against Twork (16:19), how he feels like Vegeta on-stage and how Beasly is Boditty (sp?) as well as his next opponent being Buu (18:36)....
dropping fire Chappelle's Show bars in battles (18:57), starting boxing training after getting jumped and being a few months into muay thai (21:06), seeing battle rap psychology as similar to a fighting mentality (22:41), The surreal nature of performing at NOME 7 and big goals going forward (24:30), prospective opponents for the rest of the year (26:28), non-hip hop music he jams out to (29:23), goals for a mixtape or album this year (30:18), Mike's ambitious interactive project between battlers and battle fans [be a battler for a day] (32:27), and more!
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Liberty Music: Heather Trost talks recording in a Romanian village, musical adult summer camp in the mountains, her fantastic debut record Agistri, and more!


                                           I spoke to Heather Trost (Neutral Milk Hotel, Beirut, A Hawk and
A Hacksaw, etc) and she has an awesome debut full length record ready to drop in early June.


We talked about the key records of her formative years, international folk stylings informing her sound (1:46), projects that lead to Heather putting out her debut full length (4:12), creating a sonic portrait with her debut full length Agistri (5:30), how the spaghetti western inspired video for the track "Bloodmoon" came about (7:38)......


making the playful video for the title track Agistri (10:05), working with John Dieterich from Deerhoof as a player and producer (11:10), upcoming live dates with Thor and Friends in the summer as well as some fall dates beyond (12:57), having full creative autonomy by putting out her debut record through the label she owns (14:36)......


partially recording the third A Hawk and a Hacksaw album in a romanian village (16:54), the cathartic nature of putting out her first debut full length record (18:46), big outdoor festival gigs vs playing smaller intimate clubs (20:09), the 150 person music fest/ adult summer camp in the mountains known as Peppermill 2009 (21:38), the well dressed and wild concert goers of Gothenburg (23:21), and so much more! 

Talking with Kim Rancourt


(Pictured at the forefront of the photo)



I talked to art rock musician Kim Rancourt and we got into a number of cool topics. We discussed important records from his formative years as a music fan (0:16), what prompted his move to New York (1:44), Cool stories from the 70's New York music scene (2:46)......


meeting John Lennon and Yoko his first week in New York (3:31),Hanging with punkers during the '77 punk boom (5:12), When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water getting started (6:07), getting big and lively crowds on the Coney Island boardwalk for experimental psychedelic music (9:34).....


the art of covering a song in as far as faithfully recreating it versus providing one's own interpretation on it (10:55), discussing his record Plum Plum (14:16), Walking the Trashline track break down (16:50), Hail track break down (18:45), The New York references on Plum Plum and archiving the Lou Reed collection recently (19:56)......


seeing The Ramones in the early goings of their career (27:44), the influence of Don Fleming (30:28), writing an as of yet unreleased musical with Andrew WK (32:43), and the live performance of John Lennon "Remember" in memorium of 9/11 (33:54), and more!

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