Bowks Talking Bouts #68: Derek Anderson


I spoke with Derek Anderson ahead of his Bellator 197 bout with Zak Bucia at a 165lb catchweight.


We talked about how he's bloodthirsty to get back into the cage after an extended layoff, thoughts on the catchweight bout via his perception of Zak Bucia and his divisional goals going forward (1:40), big fights falling through with guys like Paul Daley and MVP (3:46), being part of Bellator for years and how he's growing with the promotion (4:34), what music he likes training to (5:14), and so much more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #67: Dominic Mazzotta


On this episode of Bowks Talking Bouts, Dominic Mazzotta made an appearance ahead of his fight with Josh Sampo at Bellator 197. 


We talked about his thoughts on his opponent Sampo, where a victory in this fight puts him in terms of title contention (1:52), switching camps and working with Henri Hooft (3:34), his past as a restaurant owner (4:48), starting training martial arts at the age of 5 and when he initially got the spark to turn fighting into a career (5:54), experience at Featherweight as well Bantamweight and what his ideal weight class is (9:26), submitting Cody Garbrandt in a grappling tourney and also fighting Cody in MMA (10:28), where his "Honey Badger" nickname came from and how he hit the BJ Penn out of the pool jump (11:56), what music Dominic enjoys training to and how he used to be a rapper who opened for Wiz Khalifa (13:18), plus so much more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #66: Josh Sampo


On this BTB episode, I welcomed LFA/ UFC veteran Josh Sampo who takes on Dominic Mazzotta at Bellator 197 in his promotional debut.


We discussed his return after a multi year layoff from mma, thoughts on his opponent's skills (1:48), working extensively with Team Alpha Male and a host of other killers heading into this fight (4:03), his college wrestling experience and how he teaches modern kids about wrestling (4:55), whether or not he's had a meathead jock step to him during his tenure as a school teacher (6:14), how he's a full time teacher while competing as a pro fighter and how the majority of the staff at his school are trained martial artists (8:06), thoughts on a future Bellator title shot (9:00), and more!

Bowks Talking bouts #65: Devon Brock


On this BTB, I had on Devon Brock who fights Baby Slice at Bellator 197. 


We discussed fighting the sons of famous fighters going against Royce Gracie's son and Kimbo Slice's son, fighting on Paramount Network, his regular training partners/ coaches (2:35), street fighting in Compton growing up (4:15), why he's involved in a catchweight fight this time out (5:00), biggest area of growth heading into this next bout (5:57), favourite music to train to (6:59), and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #64: Jake Shields


I spoke with multi-time titlist and veteran of UFC, Strikeforce, etc when I welcomed Jake Shields to BTB.


We discussed training with the Danaher Death Squad guys and his recent run on the submission grappling circuit, the changing dynamic in submission grappling where the competitors are actually getting paid a solid bit of coin now (3:08), his beef with AJ Agazarm (4:26), his feuding with Dillon Danis (6:41), early days training with Chuck Liddell and when he started considering a career in MMA (8:29), the various eras of the sport he has seen and the time he saw a fat woman fight a skinny dude in a cage in Temecula valley (10:04), his run with Rumble on the Rock as well as what it's like to beat Yushin Okami and Carlos Condit in the same night (11:08), winning the Elite XC Welterweight title and what the overall experience was like (12:23), fighting GSP in one of the biggest MMA fights of all time (13:59), having trouble with Irish fans and how successful Jake has been competing in Canada (15:19), his experiences fighting over in Japan and how he's currently a free agent (16:13), having to fight off Antifa members who were assaulting people at a Berkeley protest (17:33), eye gouging in MMA (20:53), competing in the home town of his opponents regularly throughout his career (22:35), the most underrated opponent of his pro run (24:40), his statement win over Dan Henderson and the post-fight brawl (25:43), submitting Lyoto Machida and how he wants a submission grappling bout with Jon "Bones" Jones (27:40), and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #63: Deanna Bennett


I had a great talk with Deanna Bennett a few weeks out from her bout with Karina Rodriguez at Invicta FC 28.


We discussed her opponent's skill set as well as the feeling of being back in Invicta, her goals on getting another crack at an Invicta FC championship (2:41), having her first amateur bout seven years ago and how she initially got into MMA training just to get fit (4:40), her regular interaction with fans on social media (7:45), how DeAnna's fighting home is Utah (9:42), fighting Colleen Schneider at Bantamweight and how Court McGee helped her confidence heading into the fight (11:03), confiding in her good friend Bacon after tough losses (15:07), stories of being hangry heading into fights (18:31), how her season of The Ultimate Fighter stood out from all the others in as far as the fighters loving being in the house (20:29), referencing Iggy and the Stooges in her instagram bio as well as some other music she likes (26:03), thinking about coming out to a Tim and Eric song for a fight (28:26), and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #61: Brad Wall


I caught up with PFA Head coach/ owner-operator Brad Wall right after XFFC 17 wrapped up.


We talked about how some of his PFA compatriots [Ryan O'Connor and Dakota Ruttan] did that night, plans going ahead for PFA fighters [ex: Muay Thai bouts in Calgary coming up, fighters fighting in Montana for Sparta Combat League , Kolton Menzak fighting for a pro Muay Thai title, Quinton Tait competing for the Fight Force Welterweight belt] (2:25), Brad's pick for fight of the night and fighter of the night (3:59), the rapid evolution in skill level for amateur MMA fighters (4:22), and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #60: TJ Laramie


I spoke with TKO champion TJ Laramie ahead of his Featherweight title defence against Joao Luis Nogueira at TKO 42.


We talked about how the mentality doesn't differ between vying for a title or defending one, the dominant performance in his title winning effort (1:39), working with Jeremy Kennedy and Bibiano Fernandes recently (2:23), feeling supremely confident heading into his fight with Nogueira (3:21), the benefits to his mental game of being put in another main event spot (6:13), getting a lot of online hate from Quebec MMA fans lately (8:03), the plans for TKO to have further drug testing of their fighters (10:38), getting more into country music lately (12:19), living with a young puppy (13:48), why he won't have his girlfriend corner him any time soon (14:38), TJ's efforts as a barber and crazy barbershop stories (15:54), and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #59: Jordan Graham


On this BTB installment, I spoke with rising flyweight contender Jordan Graham as he heads into a title bout against Malcolm Gordon at TKO 42.



We discussed working with Elevation Fight Team ahead of this fight (1:14), his lengthy resume at Muay Thai (2:12), how his gym teacher sparked his interest in MMA (4:09), thoughts on what Malcolm Gordon brings to the table as an opponent (4:53), competing now as a Flyweight after fighting in multiple classes (7:07), why Jordan's amateur run evens out the perceived experience advantage in pro fights Gordon has (8:20), prospective future opponents on the Canadian Flyweight landscape (10:37), his goal oriented family upbringing providing him a huge mental edge (11:57), visualizing the TKO belt being wrapped around his waist on the 16th (13:34), the buzz surrounding Graham as of late (14:20), going from jamming Slipknot to Taylor Swift while training (16:14), and more!

Bowks Talking Bouts #58: Cody Krahn


I spoke with Canadian MMA veteran Cody Krahn ahead of his co-main event bout at XFFC 17 Brawls Deep.


We discussed the skill set of his opponent Michael Hill, stepping back into the XFFC cage again and briefly stepping down from his commentary role with the promotion (3:38), focusing on refining and polishing the basics instead of trying out flashy new techniques (6:56), the great training camp environment among all fighters at Frank Lee's (8:38), having his toenail ripped off in a recent rolling session during jiu jitsu training (10:09), the win he picked up in his last fight over Jeff Porter to break a losing skid (12:08), this fight being a number one contender's match for the XFFC middleweight title (13:28), how he's undecided on coming out to a Run The Jewels song or a mysterious comedy track (16:16), and more!

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