Bowks Talking Bouts #57: Tanner Boser


On this BTB episode, I spoke with Unified MMA Heavyweight champion and top ranked ACB competitor, Tanner "Bulldozer" Boser. 


His early days learning Karate in Bonnyville and his initial efforts in MMA,  his win over DJ Linderman and how he's finding traction within ACB (3:34), Traveling to Dubai and finding a Tim Horton's during his travels (6:12), coming out to a stadium full of people with tigers hanging out and flames shooting in various places (13:16), the ending of the combat sports moratorium in Edmonton and who he regularly trains with on the YEG fight scene(14:44), his efforts with the online comedy group Danger Cats (18:57), MMA fans putting out ignorant stuff online disparaging fighters (23:00), our stories dealing with inept landlords (26:45), the dislike we have for "pet parents" and people who use terms like "fur baby" (27:43), the kind of music Tanner likes to listen to/ train to (29:58), why Tanner likes Dragon Ball Z strippers but not DragonBall Z rash guards (31:17), and more!



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